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Contemporary Solutions provides the resources you need, precisely when you need it.



Contemporary Solutions is known as the home of the Live Review.  Prior to and through your market launch, our proven one-to-one review process allows your customers to focus and interact with your product’s features. 

  • Gain unparalleled,  real-time market reactions that validates the importance of your product’s features
  • Provide resources at the precise time needed to gain an immediate impact and competitive edge
  • Identify key opportunities and qualified leads to drive your bottom line
  • Deliver quantitative and qualitative results to maximize your investment


The complexity of your product and marketplace demands expertise you can trust to make critical investments.  

  • Data mining to identify and confirm the current stakeholders and products at the top targets you desire
  • Conduct detailed reviews from concepts and MVPs to finished products that allow you to investigate course trends, test features, and evaluate your market strategy

Target profiles

Everyone would like success with the top 100 targets in their markets. Without a plan of attack that goal is hard to attain.  Our savvy team will put you in the driver’s seat.

  • Conduct needs-analysis that identifies the critical factors for your potential customers
  • Classify your market priorities so you can fine-tune how to best drive sales efforts
  • Deliver timely feedback that provides product, marketing, and sales teams with a common ground to strategize how to win the business

Customer Implementation & New User Experience

You have one chance to make a first impression. Contemporary Solutions ensures your valued customers receive the support and attention needed to make that first impression count.

  • Successfully on-board customers to use digital tools through one-on-one training sessions or group webinars.
  • Provide follow-up training and support to ensure customer satisfaction.


Navigating C-Level administrators is a time-consuming and complex process.  Contemporary Solutions will help steer you toward the right targets. 

  • Identify campus and institutional stakeholders
  • Engage administrators with your key products
  • Outline the purchase process to move the sale forward


Gaining new product sales is challenging in one sales cycle. Contemporary Solutions will move your development efforts forward by securing class tests and managing the process.

  • Gain commitments with key targets to class test and pilot new products
  • Successfully on-board and train testers for a positive user experience
  • Manage the entire class test process to ensure the highest level of participation

Virtual Student Focus Groups

Today’s students are savvy customers. Contemporary Solutions’ team provides an open-environment and is skilled at conducting virtual student focus groups.

  • Product and marketing teams learn how students perceive the product’s viability
  • Instructors learn first-hand what their students’ value most in learning materials