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About Us

Driven by two leaders, Contemporary Solutions works tirelessly to ensure our clients receive the highest return on their investment.


Beth Andrews, Partner & Co-Founder

“For over fifteen years, clients have hired Contemporary Solutions as the go-to company to entrust their key product launches and impact their bottom lines”. 

In 1998, Beth Co-founded Contemporary Solutions based on her interest in solving challenges with new or large scale product launches. She recognized that companies lacked the internal resources needed to provide immediate, focused campaigns needed to launch new products. By keeping Contemporary Solutions a small company focused on key launches she helps Contemporary Solutions stay true to its’ values to deliver increased market share while maximizing clients investments. Prior to founding Contemporary Solutions, Beth worked at Pearson Education as a Regional Vice President of Sales and worked with editorial and marketing teams on many successful new product launches.  


“Our process is a results-driven method for custom market development that creates strong exposure with your high profile products.”

Kristen co-founded Contemporary Solutions as an answer to the need for innovative market strategy and focused resources that proactively inform and drive new product launches. Through her leadership, Contemporary Solutions collaborates with clients to deliver the critical focus and exposure to positively impact key products’ outcomes. Before Contemporary Solutions, Kristen worked at Pearson Education as a Regional Manager that spanned many states, marketing models, and customer relationships.  Her first-hand experience in adapting market strategy to successful teams has been a cornerstone to creating Contemporary Solutions’ effective framework.  


We pride ourselves on the talent of our highly experienced team that works on Contemporary Solutions projects. They are skilled at showcasing products from the concept stage through final launch.  Their experience as sales reps, marketing and product managers gives them the market savvy to connect with key stakeholders and gain detailed feedback for your products and new business opportunities. Due to their extensive industry experience, they are able to add value to projects by going beyond the immediate response of the user for richer detail. Most importantly, they persist in engaging key targets to review and test new products.